Industry standard equipment, with top notch service.

The Company

TCC (Telescopic Camera Cranes Inc.) was created with the goal to provide the movie industry with the most advanced equipment in the field today, create a reliable work environment, and to service the creative needs of filmmakers. TCC has over 40 years working in the film industry and has solid experience with Feature, Television, and Independent projects and know how to adjust to each individual budget.

TCC works in conjunction with designers and builders at MovieBird Cranes in Poland to create a Technocrane that is built with the technician in mind. We are working to create a better, easier to use crane that will positively affect the film making experience. We have pulled from such creative sources as, Director’s of Photography, Key Grips, Rental Companies and other Technocrane Technicians. Their input has been, and will continue to be invaluable to the evolution of the film making experience and, for the creation of new equipment.

Excellent Service

We pride ourselves on some of the best service in the industry. Our knowledgeable staff of technicians and operations managers will get you the gear fast and make sure it keeps functioning at full capacity all through your shoot.

Mobile Quoting

We are one of the first rental companies in the film industry to offer online detailed quote requests that you can process from your mobile phone. Add your gear to your request as you scout, and send it to us when you are ready.

40+ Years Experience

We have some of the most experienced Technocrane operators in the industry. They will be sure to wow you with their eye for composition and ability to control the camera movement with expert precision. You will get the shot!


We take pride in delivering the best equipment and service the industry has to offer.

Christian Hurley

Christian Hurley started working in the film industry at the age of 16. Grandson of Art Director Joseph Hurley, Christian started out in the film industry in the Art Department and gained a solid background of production through his mother Denyse Hurley. He moved into the camera department and began assisting.

Through the camera department Christian met designer, Peter Ademic. He was one of the designers of the first Technocranes brought to US. Through that experience Christian began operating Technocranes throughout the US. Now, with over 26 years experience Christian has partnered with Karl Eckhardt to Create TCC Inc. Christian’s extensive experience of framing and composition allows him to work closely with the Director of Photography on placing the crane to get the best possible shot.


MovieBird® Cranes

TechnoCrane Poland Ltd. was established in 2000 by Peter Adamiec and TechnoVision UK to continue the development of the TechnoCrane family of products, which were recognized with an Academy Award. In 2003 Polish investors bought out TechnoVision’s stake and invested in the company’s R&D.

Peter Adamiec, the President of TechnoCrane Poland, was one of the three original inventors of telescopic camera crane in the early 80s. Since then Peter substantially improved TechnoCrane solution and our 60ft Super TechnoCrane, is the best such product on the market. Our Super TechnoCrane outperforms competing products in terms of stability, speed and control of movement. It is the only ST on the market with digital control available. It supports lenses up to 150mm.

Since the original TechnoCrane technology is 20 years old, for the last two years our company researched new possibilities of the modern telescopic crane construction. The team lead by Peter Adamiec, together with Academy Award Winner Keith Edwards have patented the new, revolutionary belt transmission system. MovieBird® 17 is the first product incoprorating the new system.

For all U.S.A. MovieBird® Cranes, Rentals, Sales and Leasing please contact TCC Inc.

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