Mo-Sys Lambda


The Lambda head has an imposing track record with a long list of high-profile feature films. It is renowned for its strength, precision and versatility, while its technology is the cornerstone of all our other remote heads.


Unlike some of its competitors, Lambda has zero backlash. As a result, there is no ramping-up to overcome the backlash and, therefore, no latency. Its specially-designed gears are totally reliable and robust, and can be used in extreme temperatures, enduring both in Siberia and the Sahara.

The Lambda is pre-equipped with telescopic camera plates, which provide quick and easy adjustment for any size of camera packages. The slip-ring technology allows continuous multi-turn 360˚ rotation on all axes without the worry of cable wraps.

The gears are also strong enough to cope with out-of-balance cameras, and with a payload of up to 50kg (110lbs) are capable of moving the heaviest cameras with a feather-like touch. The head can even handle 3D-stereoscopic mirror rigs.

It comes with an operator friendly touchscreen control with an intuitive user interface that makes changing the settings, recording a move and playing it back a quick and painless task. The motion data can be recorded and used for VFX.

Another strong point of the Lambda is its modularity. A two-axis head can be effortlessly upgraded to a three-axis model with a 360˚ roll axis. In addition, gyro stabilisation can be added.



  • Minimum length – 22.5″
  • Maximum length – 29.5″
  • Width – 21.5″


  • Minimum length: 26.5″
  • Maximun length: 34.5″
  • Width: 21.5″

Weight: 62lbs (28kgs)

Payload: 110lbs (50kgs)

Max pan speed: 180 degrees per second

Power requirements: 15-30v

  • Frame accurate recording and repetition in sync with the camera
  • Simple, intuitive touch screen control
  • Unique plug & play set up
  • Full interface to full production
  • Moves can be downloaded to a laptop by USB
  • Optional real time motion capture output for VR
  • Simple cabling using Mo-Sys bus in a daisy chain network