Electrix 2.5kWh Battery Power Pack


Since 2015, the Electrix 2.5kWh Battery has been a reliable source of energy for film shoots. Its flexible structure, equipped with 3500W Inverters and 30A Chargers, accommodates a broad range of power requirements.

Electrix Energy Solutions come with a 24VDC, DC to AC pure sine wave inverter, 24VDC LFP battery packs complete with sophisticated battery management systems (SMART BMS), battery chargers, and high-grade cables. This adaptable system empowers you to customize the capacity to meet the needs of every individual production.

Digital Management Interface—LCD Display delivers battery operating status, voltage, amps, state of charge, time remaining. The display can also read cell voltages at the push of a button for quick diagnostics.


State of the art cell management system:

  • Automatically looks after battery health and operator safety. Low and high cell voltage protection, active temperature monitor, and solid state limiter switch. No contacts to wear out
  • USB charge ports – 2 ports @ 2A each for charging electronics. Activated by panel button
  • Separate charge port – for charging while in use
  • T-Slotted extruded corners – Easy mounting of battery to vehicles
  • Batteries are stackable
  • Power saving sleep modes – Battery goes to sleep after a prescribed period of no use
  • Can be used as stand alone DC supply at 24VDC nominal
  •  Can supply AC power through our pure sine wave inverters, 3500W continuous
  • The ELECTRIX power pack is a high-end power solution for high-end equipment. Safe for all types of 120V power up to 25 Amperes continuous