Telescopic Cranes

TCC employs the finest high-tech MovieBird telescoping camera cranes. From our workhorses to the big boys, you’ll find the right crane here.

Mobile Platforms

Don’t be stuck in one spot. Need a camera angle that moves fast across a wide variety of terrains? We’ve got what you need.

Grip Equipment

We carry a variety of grip gear to complement our line of cranes, jibs and mobile platforms.

GFM Jibs

Choose from our wide range of GFM high-end camera support equipment. We currently carry the GF-8 Crane, GF-Multi Jib, GF-Jib 6ft, GF-Tele Jib and Baby Jib.


We offer extra accessories to compliment your gear and help you get the job done.


We offer an array of battery and power system options for a wide range of your productions needs.