Black Tek Camera Kit


The CameraKit is made for classic hood and door mounts. Through the built in angle plate you can find the perfect tilt for every situation. Easy to handle and fast to set up.


It includes:

  • 1x AirRig 4 – 4 point vacuum plate with integrated Tiltplate
  • 1x AirRig 3 – 3 point vacuum plate
  • 1x VariClamp
  • 9x Vacuum stamps
  • 2x Angle Extension
  • 1x AirRigPump – Fully automatic vacuum pump
  • Tools and Screws
  • Air Hoses in different lengths

Individual Parts

  • AirRig 4: Suction-Plate, including 4 Suction stamps and Angle Plate
  • AirRig 3: Suction-Plate including 3 Suction stamps without Pipe-Clamp
  • Vacuum Stamps: Variety of different Suction Cups
  • VariClamp for pipes with 33mm / 1″ (CarRig Pipe) outside diameter
  • AirRigPump for V-Lock Batteries (Optional with AB Gold mount)