GF- Slider System


The GF-Slider System offers quiet, smooth and stable, high precision rails with 7 different lengths to choose from. Being extremely low profile, it can be operated on the ground. The interchangeable rails are drilled with 3/8″ holes 1″ apart, allowing easy accessory attachment.

Sliding offset mode allows for offset panning and table top or tight tracking shots

The GF-Slider System features a tracking carriage for Mitchell, bowl or Euro-adapter mounts and the choice between a Euro-adapter or Mitchell base mount.

Adjustable side plates allow for easy repositioning on rails and additional height adjusters for height extension of the camera mount.


The GF-Slider System is available as a set in 7 standard lengths. For each basic Slider package you can choose from:

  • 7 precision rail lengths (2 pcs.) (60 cm / 2′ – 300 cm / 9’10”)
  • 2 types of end mounts (flat or standard)
  • 2 types of tracking carriages (Mitchell or 150 mm bowl)
  • 2 types of base mounts (Mitchell or Euro-adapter)