MovieBird® 35 Technocrane


If you need a versatile mid-range camera crane, the MB35 is the way to go.

This 35 foot telescopic camera crane comes standard with 2 axis remote head, operator’s cart with HD monitor and Preston FIZ.



Fully implemented, Mellennium Belt Transmission System that outperforms any other system in terms of speed, smoothness of the movement and safety.

This main belt system is housed, making moving parts inaccessible whilst operational, and far safer for the operator.

High end digital electronics that enables the operator to program the actual range of movement. Nine digitally controlled speed settings with additional smooth logarithmic movement fades. Leveling system controlled by digital laser encoders ensures that the remote head is at the true horizontal position regardless of the speed or complexity of the movement.

A highly specialized rail system ensures totally smooth telescopic movements.

Unique service level agreements (SLA) including same day exchange of the crane in a very demanding production environment.

MovieBird is fully compatible with all models of Remote Heads and all camera types from DSLR to IMAX. For special effects you can even mount moving light sources on it.

MovieBird is completely modular. In the unlikely event of a problem, whatever and whenever, down-time is kept to an absolute minimum.

MB35 Bottom

  • Max Load 118lbs / 50kg (head and camera)
  • Max “All Up” weight: 3790lbs / 1720kg
  • Max Speed: 8.2 ft/s / 2.5 m/s
  • Min Speed: 3.2 ft/h / 1 m/h
  • Power Consumption: 13 Amps Max
  • Power Supply: 110V – 230V AC
  • Specifications may change at any time.
  • Please contact us directly if your requirements are critical.


MB35 Top