Preston FIZ 2


The Preston F I +Z II Lens Control System provides the highest resolution position and velocity control available. The basic hard-wired system consists of the Hand Unit, Motor Driver, and Digital Motors. The addition of the Microwave Link enables complete wireless control of all functions.


The Hand Unit digitizes focus, iris, and zoom commands to 16 bits of resolution (1 part in 65,536). This data is sent to the 3 Channel Motor Driver either through a cable or the Microwave Link 2. The cable link uses the RS422 standard protocol to transmit data over a single twisted pair of wires. This enables reliable transmission over long distances (1 km).

The Motor Driver (MDR2) supports 3 motor channels, camera run/stop, and camera speed and shutter control. Switches are provided for adjusting Motor Torque and direction.

DM-1 and DM-2 digital motors provide the ultimate in power and reliability. They have proven their toughness under extremes of temperature, humidity and vibration. Their housing are machined from solid magnesium billets and protected by a special ceramic coating before painting. This provides exceptional resistance to salt spray and moisture.

The Microwave Link 2 operates in the 2.4 GHz band and uses spread spectrum modulation to achieve a highly reliable link even in the presence of interfering signals



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